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 The End Of An Era……

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PostSubject: The End Of An Era……   11/07/06, 05:20 pm

I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner but I just found your site again. Later!

The End Of An Era……

I don’t know if anyone has heard anything or was wondering what has been going on. I’m not even sure if anyone really cares. I am here today to let you know that the WORLD OF [RAGE]® has come to an end. [RAGE]®, since its start in January, has recruited 15 members and has taken on all comers. Yes we took the abuse but never turned tail. We took on every challenge head on. But in the end, the lack of true leadership took its toll. For this I blame myself.

The Forum will be left open for another month and then shut down for good. As for the website, that is up to James (aka Sly). He has access to it.

As for the server, it went down about 2 weeks ago. I took that as a sign it was time to close that as well for good. I know how most of you guys loved playing on there because you told me so. Thanks again for the compliments. Sorry guys but it has to be.

I’m not here to point fingers or make accusations. I am not here to bash anyone or make lite of the situation. I am here to say thank you to all the clans and it’s members out there for welcoming us into the World of Pariah, for making us who we were, for helping us build a dream. Some of which we never got the chance to fulfill.

The [RAGE]® name will now be laid to rest at the doorstep of Pariah. This was not an easy decision or a happy one. This to me personally is a sad day. I was very dedicated to Pariah and to [RAGE]®. Those who know me can attest to this. I am also retiring my name as [RAGE]®Master1. If you see it being used, it’s not me. I am not playing pariah anymore either. The want and desire for the game is now gone.

I wish you all the best of luck in all of your endeavors. I will miss you guys. Well most of you anyway. lol Take care, good luck all and goodbye!

One last time…..

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The End Of An Era……
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